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quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

   Have you ever lurked so much that your back started hurting, and you hand appeared to be in flames?
i always just say "fucking tendinitis" and kept lurking, but aparently this have something to do with how i lurk, and not that much about the much i lurk
     I've found this info about how to reduce computer's damage over you body (the one over our minds are unreduceable ad irreversible, sorry)

remember: lurk moar, and go out sometimes

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18 comentários:

  1. Great picture, very informative.

  2. i hate it when my hands begin to hurt from the typing or working with the mouse

  3. who honestly sits like that anywhere...

  4. great post .. thanks for the information

  5. Great tips. Love the blog, you got a new follower!

  6. when I started doing this, my back problems went away

  7. no wonder my back hurt so much before...

  8. I like what you did with your blog.
    Followin !