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terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010


some tips for our miserable lives:

1 -) Potatoes are cheap and feed well, and most time are tasty!
2 -) Always have few female friends, but not too much (max of 2:1 proportion); people will see you as gay-ish if you have too many or too few, also, keeping female friends are most of times expansive
3 -) Always have few friends that you cant trust, no matter what, i don't mean that slumber bff's shit, but someone that you can call if you screwed hard your life and need some time to get back togueter; these friends might help you in any scenario
4 -) Learn how to play an instrument; it always help, and in the worst scenario it will be useless
5 -) Always walk with some money outside the wallet (~20%), in case you get mugged you can call a cab, or whatever
6 -) Get rid of old/useless shit: unless you're some kind of collector, you don't need that old atari, or if you're not a drummer, you don't need that drum set that you won in whatever contest

sorry 'cause i didn't posted yesterday, i was travelling and was too lazy to use teamviewer on the iphone -again-

10 comentários:

  1. Your advice is good, difficult to follow though... I keep a lot of old stuff, for nothing.

    keep it up!

  2. potatoes are a good tip, i've got one in the oven right now!

  3. Great tips!! I've been thinking about number 6 a lot lately, I think it's a good idea

  4. nice stuff!
    supportin & following!