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terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

OC tiem !!!ONE!11

Because learning is pwning!

1 -) Ramen is NOT food, if you feed only on it, in a couple days, you'll prefer death to living, you'll shit in sprays an will want to barf whenever you eat anything
2 -) If you half cook en egg (on the stage you can remove the eggshell, but if you handle it too much, it might fall apart), remove around 60~75% of the shell and put it on the microwave, it will certainly explode ion around 45 seconds(learned this by the hard way)
3 -) Don't speak through memes IRL, both ppl who know about the memes you're talking about and people who don't will see you as a wierdo
4 -) If you're a smoker / pyromaniac, don't use those cheap descartable lighters, just buy a cool stylish rechargeable one (a zippo if you have few bucks to spare or a sweet jet one from dealextreme), it might pay itself overtime and you can show it off
5 -) Always count on stranger's dumbness, you may profit a lot of lulz; if you know what the stranger want to listen, he can be easily influenciable (if you speak portuguese, this might be a really lulzy example, if you don't, this is a lulzy example too)
6 -) Cats are awesome, always


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